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Your one stop shop

for Fireplaces, Cast Iron Stoves, Stove Pellets, Grills for Outdoor Kitchens, Landscaping Supplies, Mulch, Fencing & more!


We have you covered

From outdoor landscaping projects to fireplace inserts and gas stoves, we have you covered. Our Seymour and Torrington, CT showroom features top-rated gas stoves, wood stoves, pellet stoves and multi-fuel stoves. Let our experienced and friendly staff guide you through the process of selecting the right home and hearth products for you.

Our Seymour and Torrington showroom features the latest styles and trends for both residential and commercial fencing like Grand Illusions beautiful, color wood-grain vinyl railing and Eastern Ornamental aluminum fencing. So whether you require backyard pool fencing or would like to create an outdoor restaurant dining area, CT Family Home & Hearth is the place to see for quality and service.